About Eugenicanthology

Rev. Fr. Alozie Eugene Iheanyi, is a Catholic Priest of the Catholic Diocese of Aba in Nigeria. He has a special love and interest in the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Fr. Eugene as popularly called is a  priest with academic orientations. Fr. Eugene could be called a Philosopher, Theologian, Poet, Writer and a Motivator. As an inspiring author, his writing name is known as Eugenic Anthology, which many admirers and well wishers have short formed to be ONTOLOGY.

His writing mission is to reconcile modernity and humanity with the  Christian Religion; trying to make life more meaningful for the populace of this generation and of the future. Fr. Eugene can make contributions or deliver papers on topics related to the Catholic Church, Christian Religion, Management, Education especially in Educational Technology in general or in Africa in particular. He can also understand and instruct on topics related to Philosophy and Theology, Spirituality and appreciate or contribute on issues related to the Most Holy Virgin Mary or even common sense and general topics on life and progress. He could be consulted on issues around Emotional Intelligence, Mentorship and Motivations. An International Conference Certificate of Recognition as Paper Presenter.

Some Awards

3rd International Conference Certificate Award as a Paper Presenter.

Award as a Good Shepherd while a Parish Priest.


At the moment, Rev. Fr. Alozie Eugene I., has the following qualifications: Diploma in Latin, Higher Diploma in Italian, Higher Diploma in Mass Communication, Bachelors Degree in Philosophy, Bachelors Degree in Theology, National Certificate in Management, Masters in Educational Technology. Fr. Eugene is also known to be poetic. Fr. Eugene while in Europe also engaged in very important educational updating seminars from Model Schools in New York of the USA and was awarded certificates. Fr. Eugene is totally an academic-oriented, Marian Priest. Fr.Eugene Alozie is a person that likes high-order thinking, personal creativity, personal and professional development; especially if they can be of service to humanity.

Other captivating books written by Fr. Eugene Alozie are as
1. Key to Your Reflections: A guide to good Christian Life. (2005)
2. Great Truths About Life (A Poetic Book). (2008)
3. Be a Modern Teacher with Emotional Intelligence. (2015)                               (First Published in London, Great Britain)

4. God and Religion in the 21st Century. (2023).

Fr. Eugene is also a strong member of the National Association of Nigerian Authors.

Some Awards

Award received as an Epitome of Excellent Administrator.

Chieftaincy Title Award as “Ezinna di Umeala”

Award of Administrative Excellence received as a Seminary Rector.

An International Conference Certificate Award as a Paper Presenter.

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